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Personal responsibility on the internet

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Personal Responsibility on the Internet

The ways each individual uses the Internet and the Web can have a considerable social impact as this is aggregated and its impact emphasised by the use of networks. It is important to behave sensibly to protect yourself and others because the openness and freedom of the Internet can be abused by criminals.

  • Be very cautious who you share personal data with. Don’t publish your personal data on web pages that anyone can access.
  • Don’t publish anyone else’s personal data anywhere unless you have their permissions.
  • Make sure you know who stores your personal data and that it is correct.
  • Don’t copy someone else’s work and write it as your own. This is plagiarism.
  • Don’t download software or music unless it is not copyrighted.
  • Do not involve in activities such as hacking.
  • Don’t believe everything you see or hear over the internet.
  • Be polite and reasonable in all your online interactions. If you feel you are the victim of cyber bullying seek help. Don’t bully others.