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Impact of ICT on individuals, organisations and society

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Impact of ICT on individuals, organisations and society

Positive effects:

  • Easy ways are found to pay the employees in a company using payroll
  • Fast and flexible access to airline booking system from internet
  • Large supermarket stock control are done by ICT, which is difficult to do physically
  • Easy means of banking
  • Large amount of cash can be carried using credit or debit card and cash can be withdrawed using ATM
  • Computer-aided design are used in designing for engineering
  • Faster production of products
  • Weather can be forecasted
  • Robots perform complex industrial or manufacturing physical tasks
  • Education system is developed
  • Law enforcement became stronger
  • Expert medical systems are build
  • Wider range of entertainment and leisure opportunities
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Negative effects:

Areas of Increased Unemployment

Some jobs have been lost as a result of computers being used to do the same work that people used to do.
Some examples of areas have suffered job losses:


Many factories now have fully automated production lines. Instead of using people to build things, computer-controlled robots are used.

Robots can run day and night, never needing a break, and don’t need to be paid! (Although the robots cost a lot to purchase, in the long-term the factory saves money.)

Secretarial Work

Offices used to employee many secretaries to produce the documents required for the business to run.

Now people have personal computers, they tend to type and print their own documents.

Accounting Clerks

Companies once had large departments full of people whose job it was to do calculations (e.g. profit, loss, billing, etc.)

A personal computer running a spreadsheet can now do the same work.

Newspaper Printing

It used to take a team of highly skilled printers to typeset (layout) a newspaper page and to then print thousands of newspapers.

The same task can now be performed far more quickly using computers with DTP software and computer-controlled printing presses.