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Features of common internet services

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Features of common internet services

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To access the Internet you need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is a company that is directly connected to the Internet and gives you access to it, usually for a fee.


  • View hundreds of millions web pages, all over the world.
  • Use a search engine such as Google to find the page you want.
  • Send and receive email.
  • Use online shopping and e-commerce – you can buy goods, pay for them online and have them delivered o your door.
  • Do your banking.
  • Access customer support – many commercial organizations support the sale and maintenance of their products by putting information about their features and how to maintain them on the Web. Company websites often have help and FAQs which support customers using their products.
  • Software distribution – for example, you can download free software or purchase it online, and download printer drivers.
  • Access and discuss information – mailing lists, bulletin boards and newsgroups provide you with the information you need.
  • Join discussion groups and chat online.
  • Participate in conferences – you can even use a sound card, speakers and a microphone to talk to other users.
  • Browse web rings.
  • Receive web broadcasting.
  • Advertise your business by setting up your own website or purchasing adverts on other websites.
  • Build your own website and upload it to the Web.
  • Upload and download digital media, such as music, images and video and publish these on the Web so that they can be shared with friends and family.
  • Publish an online personal diary with narrative, pictures and hyperlinks.
  • Describe and define particular topics in collaboration with other web users, using a wiki. An online encyclopedia could be a wiki, and you would find articles about history, science and many other topics that have been written by many different contributors.
  • Use social networking sites to communicate with a closed circle of friends who can see the information about yourself that you upload.