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Application software

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Applications software

Office productivity tools:

Office productivity software helps you work more efficiently when doing tasks in the office. This include:

  • Word processing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database

Web authoring:

Web authoring software is used to create a website. A website is structed collection of web pages that is accessible via the Internet. Web pages usually include text and graphics and are written using HTML or software that generate HTML. Web authoring software like Adobe Dreamweaver gives you a more control over the webpage and may include facilities to manage your website.

Image and sound editing:

Image and sound editing software helps you prepare and edit pictures, photographs, video and music.

Presentation software:

Multimedia presentation software helps you prepare for and deliver a talk to an audience. The monitor display is projected onto a very large screen during the talk. A presentation will consist of a series of slides with mainly text and graphics, and notes for the speaker.

Project management software:

Project management software can be used to track and chart the timelines of the individual tasks or events that have to be completed in order to complete a project. A project could be, for example, the construction of  a large building.