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Shawon Notes is an educational website primarily based on the UK's Pearson Edexcel IGCSE and IAL qualification. It is a guide for both students and teachers for the particular subjects they are involved in and moreover a collection of all the required resources. 

Our stuffs includes: revision notes, practice question papers, videos and reference guides to find more help.

Our aim

We aim to simplify revision by directly targeting one specific qualification. Education was meant for everyone, and  we are trying it to simply achieve by students by bringing everything in one place. Now people dont have to browse through the crowded forums for answers, but simply get here because we faced the problem you did, and we exactly know what you want.

Edexcel IGCSE and IAL

For information about IGCSE visit here.
For information IAL visit here.

About the Revision Notes

The revision notes of this site were created by students who has passed the subjects with the best grades. They tried to make it as precise as possible  with every valuable information and help for answering question papers included. Critical topics have reference guide to other sources for better explanation such as a video or chart.  

Edexcel Past Papers - IGCSE, GCE

The Past Paper section consists of the question paper and mark scheme which were faced by candidates in previous sessions. IGCSE started from 2011 and it is relatively new. The question papers are for the students to practise, to know about the pattern of the question paper and learn what knowledge is required to answer them. 

Although we will be just facing the IGCSE from 2011, the site also contains GCE papers and old IGCSE papers which are for you to get used to answer different types of questions.

Edexcel Past Papers - GCE A Level, IAL

IAL's first examination was held in 2014 Jan. Question paper and markschemes seen before this year are GCE A Level which is a very similar syllabus.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about problems or further help, send the message through the contact form and I will get to you asap. Become a fan of us in facebook to get the updates.