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Pearson is updating the syllabus of Edexcel International GCSE

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The Edexcel board with subject to feedbacks from learners, educators and subject experts around the world, has decided to update the current International GCSE qualifications.

A brief overview of this update is listed below:

1. New grading scale

Edexcel introduced a new grading scale 9 -1. Previously, with being only 8 grades, they added another higher level of attainment than the A*. This will create a greater differentiation among top level students, identify student’s potential and help in making a better choice for further study – A levels and university.

2. More up to date content

They will be ensuring that their new content will sum up the latest ideas about each subjects and that these assessment stands will be comparable to the new GCSEs. This is to cope up with the demand of being related to the new GCSEs.

3. Supporting progression to further study

Edexcel designed IGCSE to support progression to further study by updating content with all the latest ideas. They are meeting the need of today’s students as they state in their official website.

4. Better support and teaching materials

Teachers and students will be supported with wider range of teaching and learning resources after they advanced to first teaching. This resources include textbooks, exemplar student answers, teacher training and digital services such as CDs or online. Support given by Pearson’s ResultsPlus and Exam Wizard will be available too.


Subjects that will be first taught from September 2016 and first assessment in May/June 2018 are: English Language A, English Language B, English Literature, Mathematics A, Mathematics B and Further Pure Mathematics.

Subjects that will be first taught from September 2017 and first assessment in May/June 2019 are: Chinese, French, German, English as a Second Language, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Biology, Science (Double Award). However the science subjects’ specification and sample assessment materials will be available in summer 2016.

Remaining International GCSE subjects are currently being researched and they will confirm the full list for first teaching in September 2017 by the end of this year.

To get more information about this change visit Sign up at to keep up with the latest news. Download the FAQs about this update here.

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1 gimsarakenula • 7:52 AM, 2016-11-21
Sir/Madam, Can you please put the Mathematics A and English Language A past papers on 2016 May/June as quickly as possible
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2 abdlkarem34 • 12:12 PM, 2017-02-08
When will be the first exam of the revised english language A syllabus. Should students prepare with the 11 new anthology topics which are changed...for 2018 summer exam. Pls confirm.
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3 hamdishlucky • 4:22 PM, 2017-09-06
I'm doing my I GCSE exams on January 2018 in Kenya and my teachers rarely talk about these changes. Will this update affect me. My school, let me say is really backward and even teachers don't know how to teach even the old syllabic. A huge problem here biggrin