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Informal Letter: To console a friend after a period of bitter time

Added by panon on 2015-09-18 

Imagine that your best friend is jealous because his or her younger brother or sister has been offered an excellent job. Your friend, however, who really wants a job, has not managed to get one.

Refer this points in your letter:
•   explain what jealousy to/give examples of it
•   talk about the dangers of jealousy and
•   give advice about what he or she should do to feel better.

January 10, 2015
12, Bonosree
Block A, Road 1
Dhaka 1129


Dear Sidiq,

How are you? I hope you are all new and ready to level up the business that we started in 2009. Everything is well here nothing to worry about and I am glad to write to you today on the occasion of expressing my amazing time with you.

Buddy, we grew up knowing ourselves as brothers from then. We never had a fight and no sorrow passed through us except that we pounded them apart. It’s been five years since we completed our graduation and we have been helping our families and ourselves a lot. And I felt greatly encouraged when your little brother received your desiring job. It is the job that we desired it together.

Brother, life is a blizzard. Today you wake up and now you are taking a ride to an interview. It does not happens for all the people because all the people are not put in same level. Some are high others are midget and that’s why human need humans.

Well,  I know how it feels like to see somebody low surpass us. We dealt with this. Remember when we were school boys and how badly we wanted to downgrade the first boy. But remember, we didn’t choose what was wrong but instead we stood tall and time declared our victories.

My bosom friend, jealousy is a lousy human instinct that can overpower even the best among us. It is okay to feel jealous because it is possessed by all of us. But feeling jealous doesn’t mean you have something wrong in you but you have a new challenge to deal with. Jealousy is just like any other passions – such as love, hate, fear, and joy. And can be overcome by strong will. Jealousy for some philosophers exist as green eyed monster in human lives. And know what jealous people have to pay with- their lives, wealth but the greatest lost is the time. It is capable of devouring one’s characteristics and mentality.

I know who you are and know that you will not be overtaken easily. But somehow I feel that you are jealous with your brother’s new profession. Forgive me if I am wrong but look around your room you have many possessions that your friend or your brother cannot own. You should be proud and jovial because you have everything that you need. Try listing down everything that you have better and you will know who the person that should be jealous. And give time to yourselves because I know you have more achievement than your brothers and by the will of our glorious lord if you come this far we can off course pass the beyond.       

No more today thank you for your time in reading this. Give my greetings to your parents and love congrats to your little brother. I will come this Monday. It is been the time to push our business. I have a plan to expand it and hopefully we will. But till then be well.  

Yours ever,


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