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Informal Letter: Asking help from a friend to help you after an accident

Added by Shawon on 2015-09-27 

You are in hospital recovering from an operation. Your parents are away. You need to buy some personal items. You also need various books and notes for examination revision. You have some borrowed things which must be returned urgently.

Write a letter to a school friend, in which you explain what has happened; ask for help; give news about yourself and your family; ask for news of school and other friends; and add other details of interest to you both. Make your letter friendly and informative.

My dear Mark,

You are not going to believe this, but I am writing to you from a hospital bed. Now, before you jump to any conclusions about what kind of wreath to buy, I want to assure you that I will be alive for a long time more  - perhaps even for a century. It is just that the doctors have decided to remove one part of me - a useless part that suddenly decided to cause trouble. I was rushed to the hospital last night by some kind neighbours and underwent an emergency operation. My appendix has been removed and I am wondering if I should donate it to school science museum. Just think; a part of me will be in the school forever.

Now my dear fellow, I come to the most important part of the letter. This hospitalisation could not have come at a worst time. Both my father and mother are away on a business trip. I have decided not to inform them. Knowing my mother, she will drop everything and rush back here at top speed. I don't want that. Meanwhile, I need your help: I need a few things. Since I was rushed here, I did not even pack a toothbrush. Please go to my house and get me a few of my things. My maid will admit you, since she knows you. Bring for me my personal items like underwear, tooth brush, toothpaste and any other things that you think I may need. Since the examinations are fast approaching, I will have to study in the hospital so please bring my books and notes also.

I am eager to hear what is going on in school. I have been away for only one day and already I miss all of you - especially you. Well, bring me some news about everyone and about the school. I am particularly interested in knowing if Mr. Rahmad has dropped any hints about the Chemistry paper. One more thing, before I finish: tell only our close friends about my plight. I don't want a flood of visitors. I would rather spend my time talking to you.

Can I expect you tommorow? Good bye for now.


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