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Formal Letter: Raising a complain on the quality of food in school's canteen.

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There has been an outbreak of food poisoning in your school. You, on behalf of the guardians, has been asked to write a letter to the people in authority complaining about their unsatisfactory food quality.

Title: Outbreak

134 Launcelot Road

24th September 2015

Dear sir,

I am writing on behalf of many people who are upset at the recent outbreak of serious illness in school. About forty students, mostly young children have fallen ill within the last two weeks. Having suffered from serious diarrhoea and occasional vomiting, they have consulted the doctors in the nearby clinics. The doctors have confirmed that these were symptoms of food poisoning.

As a result of the illness, many children have to recuperate at home and have missed many lessons in school.

Just recently, we observed a new canteen set up in the campus and some unpleasing rumour has been spreading around. Junk food made with overused oil had been sold to the students and since then the story began. Most of us feel that this could be the root of the problem.

We do earnestly hope that the relevant authority would look into this matter and temporarily shut down the canteen before the problem is arrested.

Thank you in advance for your concern and help in this matter.

Yours sincerely,


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