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Polar bears spend most of their summer roaming the Arctic on large chunks of floating ice. They hunt seals and prepare themselves for the winter by absorbing enough fat. The arctic habitant has been threatened due to global warming as they are melting away due to the temperature rise of the earth.

Over the past, more than a million square miles of sea ice have been disappeared. Prediction over the scientist’s research shows that the sea ice will completely vanish within 20 years. This will lead the world’s polar bear to extinction by the end of the century.

Apart from the melting away of sea ice, global warming have other impact on polar bears too. It was found that some polar bears were drowned; some were starved to death, without any fat stored on their body; some cubs were crashed due to disruption of dens. Now polar bears have been added to the ‘Red List’ of the threatened wildlife.

Polar Bears are also threatened by hunting agenci ... Read more »

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There's a quite number of people who started angrily against a so called shameful work, “Hunting”. Hunting has been banned in various countries as we have faced a decreased amount of wild species and sometimes extinction occurs too. However, there are many hunters who reasonably proved why hunting should be valid and how it is a part of nature's rule. From here, you will learn when and when not it is right to kill animals.

When we utter the word 'hunt', the idea of killing animal for fun and excitement works in our mind. 80% of the world's hunter challenge themselves to go under an adventure and hunt tough wild animals. Through their journey they hunt about 3 – 4  wild animals. Resulting many disadvantages:

Loss of species: Species like Dodo bird, white tiger were killed so continuously, that within a year or too, the species gradually extincted. 

Hampering of the diversity: Biodiversity is ... Read more »

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People have the idea to change the future and bring new experiences to live about a meaningful life through doing new things. Many people find it reasonable to do same things other than taking any risk. They usually find this pretty easy. If it is asked to me whether I prefer doing same things or new things, its definitely the latter one.

Firstly, if we see the state we are living here now with lots of unimaginable technology and machineries – these all were made possible by new things. Taking your usual work to step further might lead to a meaningful important discovery. If these were not done we wouldn't even know there is a country named America.

Secondly, doing new things are always interesting. Doing new things can prove someone's ability, give them more experiences and make life more enjoyable. On the other hand, there is no denying the fact 'Doing the same thing all the time is boring.' So if there are uncountable things for ... Read more »

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We are  being forbidden to do various activities, either it is my parents who suggest good for us or it is by religion which we believe in. To get attracted to those activities is an inborn quality of a human being. Attraction is the way from where somebody can do something great. Her in this essay, we will know whats the outcome of such activities.
If you look closely, many new things are achieved by getting attracted. Take a look on any great man's history, you will find most of them were poor. Kazi Nazrul Islam, one the the greatest poet were being forbidden to study because of their wealth. Still he did, though he missed few years, he could write many books and novels which are still being read. But if you are free to do anything in which you are not attracted at all, the results will be fruitless.
Every great programmers are an enthusiast of technology and computers. You will not find any parents to allow ... Read more »
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We're stucked at the middle of nowhere, sideways are covered by the trees hanging over the roads. We were destined to reached at Shahpur but perhaps Bruce have mistaken his route and in te same time, the car's fuel is over. I made a call to my father.

"Hello Dad, we're stucked on our way. The car is out of fuel!", I started the conversation.

"Oh! You should have refilled before nah?", he replied.

"Well, we didn't see any power station on our way."

"So what do I do?", he hesitated. "Let me inform the nearby police station. I am  heading there within an hour", he added.

There was no outcome of that. We waited the whole night receiving and dialling calls. We had enough snacks to keep us strong then. We decided to wait no more and find  a way ourselves. We took an entry to the forest from the right hand side.

The place was rough. There was no path where we could wa ... Read more »

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Our destination for the second day was to reach to the top of the grand canyon where a temporary camp has been made by the organisers. We left our tent at the ground and walked inline. We had our important equipments with us. The belt, hammer, axe – which are needed to climb the canyon.

This great Canyon of US where once inhabitant by human beings or they were like sea shows but in course of time they are now left behind. People come here to enjoy their holidays.

We saw a sign that the roads ends her which sent us to halt. We thought we may have come to a long way “No, no, its a trick” shouted Robin.

“We must wait for the guide to catch up with us.”, said Uncle Bob.

We looked at him. He was looking rather fat today. He measured 240 pounds with chubby cheeks and foolish appearance. Especially when he tries to speak sense. 

“We should rather move forward” said someone and we stepped ahead. We found ... Read more »

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  1. > The number of boys are 50.
    > The number of boys is 50.

    > The quality of the mangoes is good.

    Verb must agree with its subject according to its person number and tense.
  2. > The United States of America are a prosperous country.
    > The United States of America is a prosperous country. ... Read more »
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IGCSE Edexcel Chemistry Note

By Shawon Ibn Kamal

This Ebook contains description of every topic in the specification of Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry (4CH0). The first assessment of this specification is in 2013.

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eBook Cover

IGCSE Edexcel Physics Note

By Shawon Ibn Kamal

IGCSE Edexcel Physics Note has been written following the topics of the Edexcel IGCSE Specification (4PH0). The first assessment of this specification is in 2013.

or continue to read free online.

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Nelson Mandela was a South-African politician and a former President of South Africa. He was the first black chief excecutive and first elected in a democratic election. His government has been working to tackle racism, poverty and inequality.

He was against the Apartheid and he had been actively participating in politics in thirties. He claimed, he hoped to bring down the oppressive government and rebuild the country based on democracy, freedom and above all, equality. Committing to equality, Mandela said, "It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." He had been imprisoned for 27 years for that. Three years later after the release he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Months later, he was elected as President.

Mandela had been dedicated to resolve poverty, war and conflicts throughout Africa. His greatest quotes says:

" ... Read more »

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